『Rinken Band』 was formed by the leader, Rinken Teruya in 1977. The band introduced a new genre to the music scene. unique combination of traditional Okinawan instruments, sanshin, shimadaiko, and modern intruments of percussion, keyboard and base, the band created “Okinawan pop”.

Attraction of the live performancePop and dynamic. Distinctive and exciting Okinawan rhythm. Pure and beautiful voice. Colorful, dynamic costume and powerful dance. The venue is filled with tropical fervor that audiences and the stage coupled with “Kachashi”.

Music of paradise

With Okinawan culture as the band’s foundation, Rinken Band goes on a quest for a new encounter as they freely yet aggressively goes on a journey to the world.
Rinken Band was formed by the leader, Rinken Teruya in 1977. The band introduced a new genre to the music scene. A unique combination of traditional Okinawan instruments, sanshin, shimadaiko, and modern instruments of drums, keyboard, and base. Rinken Band created “Okinawa pop.”
All music performed by the band is written and arranged by Rinken. Those songs are brought to life when sung by the diva, Tomoko Uehara.
Pop and dynamic. Distinctive and exciting Okinawan rhythm. Pure and beautiful voice. Colorful and dynamic costume. Powerful dance, “Kachashi” brings the stage and our audiences to one.
With the Okinawan culture (language and traditional performance) as the band’s foundation, they go on a quest for a new encounter in their free yet aggressive style of music.

About the band

Rinken Band is one of the world's most distinct musical and entertaining bands as our music and live. Performances are widely accepted by a wide variety of audiences.
Japanese pop music scene is mostly young fan base, but you can see totally different phenomenon in Rinken band concert venue. This is not limited to Japan.
Rinken Band toured South and North America, Europe, Asia and Africa who was highly appreciated by all host countries. They have received acclamation throughout the world and win over the hearts of audiences.

There will be power of the root handed down to a human deep part directly in their music.
Perhaps it is because Rinken Band’s music is created from the base of our daily lives. Rinken Band’s music is very catchy, and has a simple rhythm and melody. Rinken Band is perhaps one of the very few and rare "Family band" in the world, beyond race, language and boarder.

Performance for students on school trip

Rinken Band's performance at "Kalahaai" that is popular among students on school trip. (The meaning of "Kalahaai" is a compass in Okinawan dialect. It is Rinken Band’s own ground). The schools adopting it which is increasing year by year.

The students first response is astonishment and confusion due to the differences between the Okinawan and Japanese pop scenes. Then there is also the cultural aspect that the songs are sung in Okinawan dialect. However, as the performance continues, the students are fascinated and their attention is on the stage. By the time the performance has come to an end and it is time for the students to leave "Kalahaai", the students are raving about the unique experience they have encountered.

What is a true meaning of “healing”?

Despite the vibrant scenery of the stage, the band members portray a naturalness to their characters. When a talented singer such as Tomoko unites with a rare composer like Rinken, it becomes very powerful music.
The energy which the band creates is beyond expression in words.
Once an audience experiences the energetic and fun filled performance, they will return to Kalahaai for more. It is very common for small children to naturally start dancing to the Rinken Band music. It is believed that the repeat audiences and children dancing to the band’s music is a sign to show how powerful and enchanting their music really is. It’s the energy and the power of their music that move the people, the music that will remain in their hearts throughout time, in that which brings the “healing” power of Rinken Band’s music.
Please come and experience the universal existence of the Rinken Band.


Rinken Teruya

 Sanshin・Acoustic guitar / Born October 5, 1949

Born in Okinawa city. His grandfather and father are both renown musicians in Okinawa. His family own a record and Sanshin store. He grew up in a musically inclined environment. After he graduated high school in 1967, he moved to Tokyo to study the theory behind western music. However, he decided to drop out of the Tokyo Media and Arts School, Shobi because he was not able to afford the tuition. Six years later, he returned to Okinawa, determined to create his own original sound based on the Okinawan music. He continued in his search for new ideas. He incorporated Okinawa’s unique rhythm and melody and created the sounds of Rinken. Rinken is both founder and producer of the Rinken Band.

Tomoko Uehara

 Vocal, Chorus, Simadaiko(Okinawan Drums), Sanba(Okinawan castanet), Sanshin/Born 29 June, 1958
Born in Itoman city, Tomoko made her first debut in Okinawa folk-song world at the age of six. She was part of a family band and holds an abundance of entertainment experience. She joins the Rinken Band in 1988. Her singing along with the lyrics add a very powerful touch. Her solo debut album in 1997 was in collaboration with another musician from overseas which struck a new chord. All costumes worn by the Rinken Band are handmade by Tomoko.

Katsunori Inafuku

 Vocal, chorus, Simadaiko(Okinawan Drums)/Born 26 Januray, 1969
Debut in 1993. Katsu’s one of a kind, sharp and dynamic "Eisa" performance was acquired through “Sonda Junior Chambre.” (A group of early to late teens who perform "Eisa".) His experience in performing "Eisa" dates back to 15 years. His pomp filled use of drum stick mesmorize the fans. Despite his age, he has a vast knowledge of the traditional Okinawan performing arts.

Kaoru Yonamine

 Vocal, chorus, Simadaiko(Okinawan Drums)/Born September 14, 1982
Inspired by watching Eisa when he was a child, Kaoru decided to take up Ryukyu dance, Karate, and sanshin.
Kaoru auditioned for the band in March of 2006 and became a member of the band in April.

Akira Uehara

 Bass /Born 8 July, 1963
Akira started playing bass in his early teens. He played at a live house that specialized in American oldies.
Akira was scouted by Rinken Teruya in June of 1993.
His calm personality is expressed directly through the bass. He also produces Television jingles for commercials.

Kiyohito Yamakawa

 Keyboard / Born 28 November, 1970
Kiyohito’s taught himself how to play the piano at the age of 16. He has played for a number of bands until he joined Rinken Band in 1993. His delicate and versatile ability to play the piano adds a fresh touch to the Rinken Band’s music. Kiyohito also adds his piano touch to the songs for "tink tink".